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Special Prayers
Momma Lost (Joan)
You mean so much to me;You taught so much to me.
The love and advice you've shown
Have always been given freely and taken withGreat appreciation.
Your love, your kindness and your caring
Has made me the person I am today.
Your triumphs, your mistakes, your wisdom,
Always has a place in my memory.For all that you have taught me,
I know and shall always remember,
The sincerity and love you have passed along.
If I surprised you in any way,It is only because I tried to
Spread my wings and Lost my way;
But always, you were there to guide me,
No matter how obstinate I may have been,You were there;
Ready to pick up the pieces and light the way.
In all my times of need, I always knewYou were there; a lifejacket
To sail me through my stormy seas.
And now the time has come for me to help you;
As you leaned on you mother;
As I have leaned on you;
Please let me repay the love of generations.
Call for me and I will be there.Talk to me and I will listen.
Lean on me and my shoulder is yours.
Sit quietly and I will sit there with you.
Cry and I will shed tears with you.
Always know that I will be there for you,
As you have been for me.
Mother Remeber I love You
We all know,respect and care about our Chat Buddy and Friend Lost. Some may not know but his mother, Whom I've Named Momma Lost,
Has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer recently
and Both are in need of thier friends emotional support and MOST of OUR PRAYERS!!!
So GA 10 & GA 1 let's Show Lost & Momma Lost
just how much we all care about our Friends and
Family on and off the Net by signing
Momma Lost's Guest Book!!
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